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Poland: Newsletter 51/2017 - Register of non-exempt taxalbe persons

International WTS Journal #2/2017 has been published: Tax Control Framework

Hungary: Newsletter 40/2017 - The 2nd national tax consultation

WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter 2/2017 has been published

Czech Republic: Newsletter 14 - New obligations under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Poland: Newsletter 50/2017 - Further changes to CIT act as of 1 Jan 2018

Poland: Newsletter 49/2017 - Scope of disclosures to be made in form CBC-P

Hungary: Newsletter 39/2017 - The predictability of taxation policy

USA: Tax Reform Framework

Poland: Newsletter 48/2017 - As of 1 Jan 2018 - No more optimization schemes involving transfers of trademarks or certain other intangibles

Poland: Newsletter 47/2017 - Taxpayers won't need to send daily bank statements

Kenya: Newsletter - What are the tax incentives attributable to a special economic zone?

Netherlands: Newsletter Budget Day 2018

Hungary: Newsletter 38/2017 - EKAER number

Poland: Newsletter 46/2017 - EU working on new posting-of workers regulations

Poland: Newsletter 45/2017 - We already know the details to be disclosed in TP documentation

Czech Republic: Newsletter 13 - CbCR in the Czech Republic for the first time

Poland: Newsletter 44/2017- Gifts involving trademarks are in focus of polish tax authorities

Hungary: Newsletter 37/2017 – Corporate tax rate and transfer pricing rules

Poland: Newsletter 43/2017 - Aggressive tax planning will have to be reported to tax authorities

Poland: Newsletter 42/2017 - Tax authorities will accept e-certificates of residence

Hungary: Newsletter 36/2017 – Reclaiming foreign VAT: 30 September

Czech Republic: Newsletter 12 - Gift vouchers from the value added tax and electronic records of sales (EET) perspective

Kenya: Newsletter - The Multilateral Tax Convention and Implications for Existing Tax Treaties: Volume III

Brazil: Newsletter - Central Bank of Brazil starts public hearing aiming to regulate credit Fintechs

Kenya: Newsletter - The Multilateral Tax Convention and Implications for Existing Tax Treaties: Volume II

Press Release: Wim Wuyts is the new CEO of rapidly expanding WTS Global

USA: Avoiding Tax Equalization Surprises on Equity Income

Poland: Newsletter 41/2017 - CBC-P filing deadline approaching

Hungary: Newsletter 35/2017 – Submission of the VAT registration form

Brazil: Newsletter - Taxation of Capital Gains Earned by Non-Residents

Kenya: Newsletter - The multilateral tax convention and implications for existing tax treaties: Volume I

Kenya: The multilateral tax convention and implications for existing tax treaties: Volume I

Poland: Newsletter 40/2017 - No withholding tax on plane tickets and new rules for one-off depreciation write-offs

Hungary: Newsletter 34/2017 – Contradictions of the local business tax

Austria: Foreign income to be taken into account for calculation of the so-called “Jahressechstel” („yearly sixth”)

Brazil: Newsletter – Municipality of São Paulo – Amnesty and Remission of ISS Tax Debts – Professional Partnerships

Hungary: Newsletter 33/2017 - Applying the 183-day rule

New Tax-Tool "WTS CbCR-2-XML" complies legal OECD-requirements by Country-by-Country-Reporting

Poland: Newsletter 39/2017 - Invoice payment to 2 bank accounts in 2018 - split payment

WTS Global VAT Newsletter #1/2017

Poland: Newsletter 38/2017 - Amendments to the CIT Act Resulting from the Council’s work

Poland: Newsletter 37/2017 - Tax authorities are focusing on incentive programs

Hungary: Newsletter 32/2017 – New law on tax procedures

Poland: Newsletter 36/2017 - Plant to amend CIT Act regulations on tax groups

China: How will MEGI transform China’s accounting practice?

Poland: Newsletter 35/2017 - Minimum Income Tax on commercial properties

Hungary: Newsletter 31/2017 – Business gate registration

WTS Partner Maik Heggmair in the current issue of International Transfer Pricing Journal on "The New Interpretation of the Arm's Length Principle: A Post-BEPS Evaluation"

USA: Update on US Tax Reform

Poland: Newsletter 34/2017 - New changes to CIT Act: indirect tax costs - when deductible

Poland: Newsletter 33/2017 - Proposed amendments to CIT Act mark a total change in thin capitalization regulations

Belgium: The Belgian government reaches an agreement on corporate income tax reform

USA: Delay in Effective Date of the Section 385 Documentation Rules

Poland: Newsletter 32/2017 - Radical restrictions on deductibility of costs of using intangible assets or services - projected changes to CIT Act

Hungary: Newsletter 30/2017 – Registered office service: must be reported by 29 September!

ALTHAUS Group and WTS Global Тах Congress

Poland: Newsletter 31/2017 - Changes to Corporate Income Tax as of 1 January 2018

Singapore: Singapore Fund & Family Office Regulatory Update

Hungary: Newsletter 29/2017 – Legal remedies in tax administration

Hungary: Newsflash – Business gate

Kenya: How Effective are the Guidelines issued by the KRA on the Tax Amnesty?

Poland: Newsletter 30/2017 - TP documentation – a favourable turnaround in case practice

Hungary: Tax Bridge 2/2017 – Changing to a foreign currency

Kenya: Have the new VAT regulations really shed any light as regards what constitutes an export from a VAT perspective?

Poland: Newsletter 29/2017 - Services auxiliary to financial and insurance services are liable to VAT as of 1 July 2017

USA: Tax Court holds that foreign partners can sell partnership interests tax-free

International WTS Journal #1/2017 - Panama Papers accelerate the process of voluntary disclosures

Hungary: Newsletter 28/2017 – TP policy

Kenya: Understanding import taxes

Poland: Newsletter 28/2017 – Further kinds of business in ZUS spotlight

Global Expatriate Service brochure "Assignments to Europe 2017" has been published

Poland: Newsletter 27/2017 – New threshold for one-off expensing of tangibles

Hungary: Newsletter 27/2017 – Outsourcing payroll

Hungary: Newsflash – Electronic data reporting

Poland: Newsletter 26/2017 – Annual tax return from CIT-8 has a new box

Poland: Newsletter 25/2017 - News about the scope of disclosures to be made in PIT-TP and CIT-TP filings

Hungary: Newsletter 26/2017 – Paying and topping up corporate tax

WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter 1/2017

Hungary: Newsflash - 2018 tax laws

Hungary: Newsletter 25/2017 – Multilateral convention has been signed

Hungary Newsletter 24/2017 – VAT registration

Poland: Newsletter 24/2017 – Additional compliance duties for persons with foreign bank accounts

Czech Republic: News 4/2017 - WTS Alfery’s excellent ranking in “The Legal 500”

Czech Republic: News 3/2017 - Amendment to the civil code

Hungary: Newsletter 23/2017 – Financial due diligence

Poland: Newsletter 23/2017 – Tax authority empowered to confirm if PKWiU classification properly applied

Poland: Newsletter 22/2017 – No personal income tax on sale of property inherited from spouse

Hungary: Newsletter 22/2017 – Voluntary liquidation

Hungary: Newsletter 21/2017 – Taxation of foreigners’ income

Poland: Newsletter Newsletter 21/2017 - New draft of R&D relief regulations

Poland: Newsletter 21/2017 - New draft of R&D relief regulations

Czech Republic: WTS Alfery rated as Tier 2 in Legal 500 Guide

Kenya: Double Taxation Treaties and Treaty Shopping

WTS wins two awards at the European Tax Awards

WTS Global Partner Firm Dhruva awarded as "India Tax Firm of the Year 2017"

WTS Global partner firm Yoon & Yang awarded as "Asia Tax Policy Firm of the Year 2017"

Poland: Newsletter 20/2017 - Documentation prepared during the inspection can be unreliable

Russia: Alexander Nepomnyashchiy is appointed as a partner to lead the practice for private clients of ALTHAUS Group

Hungary: Newsletter 20/2017 – Dividend payments

France: WTS Tax & Legal in France ranked "Excellent" by Décideurs Leaders League 2016-2017

Hungary: Tax Bridge #1/2017

Hungary Newsletter 19/2017 - The role of special taxes

Poland: Newsletter 19/2017 - Liechtenstein - a tax haven no more

USA: Trump Unveils Tax Reform Proposal

Hungary: Newsflash - Tax amendments in 2018

Hungary: Newsletter 18/2017 – Unlawful NAV tax penalty

Poland: Newsletter 18/2017 - New monitoring obligations when transporting goods

Hungary: Newsflash - Online invoicing

China: Newsletter 6/2017 - China brings joint punishment to a new level

BEPS – why the time to act is now

Hungary: Newsletter 17/2017 – Use of the government portal

Poland: Newsletter 17/2017 - Employee hired to perform R&D activities may have other duties, too

USA: Trump Orders Review of Recently-Issued Tax Regulations

Hungary: Newsletter 16/2017 – Solving of the capital situation

Poland: Newsletter 16/2017 – No withholding tax on plane tickets

Hungary: Newsletter 15/2017 – Supplier audit

Poland: Newsletter 15/2017 - Reverse charge in construction services

Hungary: Newsletter 14/2017 – Generalised reverse charge mechanism

Russia: ALTHAUS Legal advises Bank Saint Petersburg on its acquisition of OneTwoTrip shares for investment

Belgium: Belgium introduces exit tax rules as it implements ATAD

Poland: Newsletter 14/2017 - Windfarms lose in court

Hungary: Newsletter 13/2017 – Intercompany posting from a legal perspective

WTS Global partner firms shortlisted for European Tax Awards 2017

Poland: Newsletter 13/2017 - Automatic exchange of information act signed by President

Kenya: Kenya's Law of Trusts - Need for Enhancement

Czech Republic: News 2/2017: Income tax in 2017

Singapore: Important Changes to the Singapore Companies Act and Limited Liability Partnerships Act

Hungary: Newsletter 12/2017 – Controlled foreign companies

Poland: Remission of debt not caught by Transfer Pricing regulations

Poland: Law to amend the VAT act signed by president

India: Notification of Cyprus as a ‘Notified Jurisdictional Area’ under section 94A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 rescinded

Hungary: Newsflash ­­– Significant tax benefits – tax allocation

Hong Kong tax update - Consultation paper on measures to counter BEPS


Poland: Taxes Management Act – Additional assurances for taxpayers

Hungary: Newsflash – Major tax relief from 2017

Hungary: Press release - WTS Klient Hungary wins the Colibri Internship Award

Hungary: Tax Bridge III/2016 – Tax changes 2017

Italy: The Brisal case – withholding tax on interest held to be contrary to EU law if imposed on gross income

Hungary: Press release – WTS Klient Group responds to the upcoming taxation trends by occupying a new job position

Hungary: Newsletter: Clarity on autumn tax law amendment proposals for company managers

Poland: New release of JPK VAT

UAE: Automatic Exchange of Information

UAE: Further update - Automatic Exchange of Information

07/11/2016 – International WTS Journal #3/2016: M&A Insights - 2016 Tax Guide to International Stock Aquisitions

WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter #2/2016

Poland: Personal Income Tax: Taxpayer will have to make up for what his remitting agent did not withhold

Singapore: Singapore Audit Exemption - Fewer companies now require audit

Kenya: Beware of Transfer Pricing 'Documentation Penalties in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda

International WTS Journal #2/2016 - Taxation of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts

Poland: New treatment of income in respect of non-cash capital contributions

Hungary: Residence declaration - for banks as well?

UAE: M/Advocates of Law reinforces tax team, promotes partner

WTS Awards 2016 presented

The Netherlands Budget 2017

Poland: Recovering VAT stated in invoices with imprecise details

Brasil: New Rules for Private Equity Funds

Poland: Country-by-country reporting requirements in corporate groups – not only parents are caught

Brasil: Changes to the list of tax havens and privileged tax regimes

India: Dhruva Newsletter Dimensions - August 2016

Brazil: Machado Associados is elected Latin America Tax Litigation & Disputes Firm of the Year by International Tax Review (Euromoney)

Poland: Proposed new law on research and development relief is already

Kenya: Taxation of employee share option plans (ESOPs)

Poland: Proceeds recognised in CIT-8 adjustment do not constitute income at the time when the funds are received

China: Tax News China 2016/13: What G20 says on tax?

Baltics/Belarus: Sorainen Investment Card 2016 offers a snapshot of the most relevant commercial terms for those doing business in the Baltics and Belarus

#2/2016 - International WTS Journal: Taxation of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contracts

Singapore: MAS Tightens Outsourcing Rules for Fund Managers and other Financial Institutions

MAS Tightens Outsourcing Rules for Fund Managers and other Financial Institutions

China: Tax News China 2016/12: Risks related to input VAT claims

Hungary: Tax Bridge II/2016

Czech Republic: Discover the Tax Fact Booklet Czech Republic

Kenya: Managing Tax Risk: The Corporate Governance way

Public comments received on the conforming amendments to Chapter IX of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines published by OECD

WTS publishes comment to Chapter IX of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines

Brazil: Newsletter August 2016 / Unprecedented ruling in Brazil boosts PIS and Cofins credits for businesses

Kenya: Are there tax incentives in listing?

Poland: Retail Sales tax goes live already in September 2016

India: Goods and Services Tax

India: Good and Services Tax

Kenya: Demystifying compensating tax

Poland: Managerial contract and VAT

Germany: Maik Heggmair, Head of Transfer Pricing WTS Germany, publishes article in the Finance Monthly about the Transfer Pricing system in Germany

Poland: New bill on research and development activities

Poland: PIT Remitters may reclaim overpaid tax

OECD has published guidance on the implementation of Country-By-Country Reporting Framework

India: Newsletter Dimensions June 2016 - Indirect Taxes

Poland: Adjustments to Reverse Charge Transactions - How to be treated by customers

WTS Global/Poland: Loans to employees are not subject to Banking Tax

Singapore: Singapore's 60% PIC Cash Payout Scheme Ends on 31 July 2016

Poland: Loans to employees are not subject to Banking Tax

India: Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) notifies rules for grant of Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)

Singapore Joins Inclusive Framework for Implementing Measures against Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)

Hungary: Changes to the Act on Accounting

Poland: VAT cannot be recovered without a sufficient invoice

Poland: New law restricting cash transactions has been published

Poland: Anti-Circumvention Clause - The new law signed by president

Poland: Insurance Proceeds are not Zone Business Income

Poland: New Law on the Posting of Workers

Poland: Single Audit File for Tax - Now also for Foreign Businesses

Belgium introduces VAT on online gambling

Poland: New Draft of Retail Sales Tax Bill

Poland: Assignment of Lease and Substitution of Finance Party

WTS Assignments to Asia Pacific 2016

Poland: Arm's length price applicable also to transactions with employees – change of approach by Finance Minister

Carrying out a project in Singapore

Kenya: Will you experience transition variances when filing your 2015 income tax return?

Poland: Single Audit File for Tax - important change

India & Mauritius sign Protocol amending the provisions of India-Mauritius Tax Treaty

China: WTS Tax Alert- China TP Documentation Reminder

China: WTS Tax Alert- Newly issued circulars for VAT reform

Hungary: Deadline for submitting personal income tax returns: 20 May 2016 – What to watch out for?

Winners at 2016 Asia International Tax Review Awards

China: WTS Tax Alert: Key BT-VAT timeline

Kenya: Derivates - is Kenya ready?

Nigeria: WTS Tax Newsletter April 2016 - Star Deep versus LIRS Judgement

China: 10 tips to manufacturing operators – B2V reform

WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter #1.2016

Kenya: Are you really exporting services?

Belgium/Luxembourg: Tiberghien newsletter April 2016

China Customs sets eyes on royalty

Belgian WTS Global partner firm Tiberghien ranked 'Tier 1' in LEGAL 500

Philippines updates treaties with France and Germany, published in International Tax Review

Nigeria: WTS Tax Newsletter April 2016 - Vodacom versus FIRS judgement

Circular 4/2016 – Activity of Non-Israeli companies in Israel via the Internet

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council publishes video interview with Robert Welzel

Philippines updates treaties with France and Germany, published on International Tax Review

Luxembourg: Tax Alert - Automatic Exchange of Rulings

Asia Pacific - Global Expatriate Services - No. 1.2016

UK: The Budget 2016

WTS Global conference: BEPS Challenges to Multinational Companies and Planning Strategies

Israel: Memorandum regarding VAT on e-services

Kenya: Are you incurring personal expenses in your business?

WTS Asia Pacific - Corporate & International Tax - No. 01.2016

SORAINEN named “European Law Firm of the Year” at The Lawyer European Awards

Kenya: What am I allowed to claim as an expense?

India Budget 2016/17 presented - These are the highlights

Singapore 2016 Post-Budget Breakfast Briefing

Luxembourg Tax Reform announced for 2017

Australia: Federal Court dismisses application for refund of $450 million of dividend withholding tax - Cable & Wireless Australia & Pacific Holding BV (in liquidatie) v Commissioner of Taxation [2016] FCA 78

Australia: WTS Submission to Treasury - Review of transfer pricing rules: cross-border profit allocation / BEPS

Poland: Transfer Pricing in Polish Finance Ministry's focus

Media Release - Australia to review its transfer pricing rules following the final OECD BEPS recommendations

Taxation of income in Kenya: Well, it's about time we went back to the basics

Why India needs GST, published in International Tax Review

2016 Korea CFO Association Annual Conference in Seoul from Feb. 17-18th, 2016 presenting the topic: BEPS Challenges to Multinational Companies and Planning Strategies

Hungary - Newsletter I/2016 - Be good if you can – or why it is worth being a reliable taxpayer

Italy: Transactions with tax havens governed by proportionality (and reason) published by International Tax Review

WTS Global has a new strong partner in Switzerland

Kenya - An eye in the middle of the storm for rental income earners in Kenya

Media Release - New Partner joins WTS Australia

Singapore - 6 Things You Should Know About Singapore Payroll

USA - WTS Tax News: Pension Fund Tax Update

WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter #03.2015

Singapore - Iyer Practice: Singapore Regulator Gets Tough on Late Filing

Hungary - Package of tax laws for 2016

#2 Asia Pacific Global Expatriate Services - Tax Update

Conference in Poland: Corporate groups under International tax supervision, 8.12.2015 Warsaw

#1/2015 Tax Letter Asia

#1/2015 Hong Kong Tax Update

Status of Hong Kong’s Double Tax Agreements and Tax Information Exchange Agreements

Transfer pricing rules in Ukraine: back to the drawing board published at Thomson Reuters

Giovanni Rolle, WTS Italy, about Italy's rule update: 'Transactions with tax havens governed by proportionality and reason' in the International Tax Review.

WTS Tax Newsletter November 2015 - EGP3 Judgment

WTS Tax Newsletter November 2015 - TAT Judgment EGTL

Cyprus - Newsletter November 2015

WTS opens China Desk in the US

WTS Alliance brought world’s leading tax professionals together in Barcelona

WTS Alliance partner firm Tiberghien launches the new transfer pricing boutique TIVALOR

Hungary: Beneficial Hungarian tax rules for group holding and IP holding companies (article published in International Tax Review)

WTS-Study "Tax, Compliance & Investigations" - International survey about tax audits and the detection risk and consequences of corruption

Brasil: Machado Associados strengthens its tax area with new top professional

International Tax Review honors colleagues from WTS Alliance as Indirect Tax Leaders

WTS-CITG 2015 Annual International Tax Conference in Accra, Ghana

WTS 2015 Asia-Pacific Symposium

Infoletter Global Expatriate Services (GES) #4/2015

Thailand - Thailand about to introduce Transfer Pricing Act Jul15

VAT-exempted management of Dutch special investment funds contested in ECJ published in International Tax Review

Francis Helversion, WTS US, about 'Foreign pension funds with US investments: tax classification' in the International Tax Review

Hungary - Expat News #1 2015

WTS LLC receives SOC 1 Certification for its Tax Provision Process

WTS Transfer Pricing Newsletter #2/2015

Robert Welzel and Steffen Gnutzmann with an article in the new ICLG publication "Alternative Investment Funds 2015"

International WTS Journal #1/2015

WTS Fact Booklet South Africa released

India - India Journal #5 2015

WTS & Celen reports on 'Navigating Turkey's real estate tax considerations' in International Tax Review

WTS India Journal #04.2015

Nigeria - WTS Tax Newsletter March 2015 - Court and tribunal tax cases in Nigeria

Legal 500 lists WTS as a leading law firm in Germany in the area of Tax and Investment funds

WTS Fact Booklets Africa for Nigeria and Ghana released

UK - The budget in context - Real Estate Tax

UK - The budget in context - Indirect Tax

UK - The budget in context - Corporate Tax

WTS Tax News – Austrian Tax Reform 2015/2016

Italy - Tax Newsletter No. 1/2015

New VAT refund rules in the Philippines

WTS Ghana: Revenue Mobilisation Measures in the 2015 Budget Statement

Keep track of a shifting transfer pricing landscape

WTS Global Transfer Pricing Newsletter #1/2015

Hungary - Taxbridge 2015/02

China - new visa requirements for short-term staff coming to China

Tax News Australia 2015/01 - ATO's views on transfer pricing reconstruction provisions released

Hungary - Newsletter #1.2015 EKAER – NAV may impose penalties from 1st February 2015. What to look out for with year-end amendments?

Improved Transfer Pricing Rules in Ukraine with effect from 2015

Claudio Bustos, Cooperation Partner of WTS, explains impact of Chilean tax reform in an interview on CNN Chile

Hungary - Newsletter #13.2014

Nigeria - Newsletter December 2014: Court of appeal upturns the decision of the Federal High Court in federal board of Inland Revenue

Hungary - Newsletter #12.2014

Poland - Changes to transfer pricing regulations as of 1 January 2015

WTS Australia Business Climate Survey 2014

Hungary - Newsletter #11.2014

Important amendments to PIT Act in Poland

Hungary - Mid-year changes to development tax allowance rules - what should you know?

WTS Client in Hungary was awarded with the "Hungarian Quality Product Award"

World Tax 2015: International Tax Review lists WTS Alliance partner companies

Poland - Changes to VAT Act as of 2015

Poland - Important changes to CIT Act, effective 2015

WTS India: WTS "Tax Tuesday"

WTS Alliance firms listed in World Transfer Pricing 2015

ECJ Decision of September 17, 2014 [C-7/13] on taxation of services supplied by a non-resident headquarter to its branch belonging to a VAT group

Conclusions on the first OECD deliverables regarding BEPS

The Netherlands - Budget 2015

Hungary - Newsletter #8.2014

#3/2014 Tax Letter Asia

WTS Cyprus admits a new partner and relocates to new premises

Tax Letter Asia – Global Expatriate Services #3/2014 – China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia

WTS strengthens with new partner in Spain

Hungary - Newsletter #7.2014

WTS strengthens with new partner ARCO Abogados in Spain

India - Corporate Update June 2014

Brasil - The New Interpretation of Brazilian Federal Revenue regarding WHT on the Payment of Services Abroad

India - Analysis of 2014 Budget Proposals

India - Service Tax Referencer 2014

Hungary - Newsletter #5.2014

Hungary - Newsletter #6.2014

India - Corporate Update May 2014

Hungary - Newsletter #4.2014

International WTS Journal #1/2014 - Corporate Restructurings – Framework, Elements, Financing

Cyprus-Poland Business Forum in Krakow, Poland

#2/2014 Tax Letter Asia

WTS USA - WTS and FTS Enter Into Cooperation Agreement

China: New tax incentive for Hengqin, Pingtan and Qianhai released

Hungary - Newsletter #3.2014

WTS Factbook „Assignments to Asia“

WTS Tax News - USA - Withholding Tax Update

Hungary - Taxbridge 2014/02

WTS publishes comment on the OECD paper on "Transfer Pricing Comparability Data and Developing Countries"

China: New Double Tax Agreement between China and Germany signed

Cyprus - Newsletter April 2014

Nigeria: Annual Tax Seminar - Tax Administration in Nigeria

Tax Letter Hong Kong #1/2014 - Hong Kong signs its first Tax Information Exchange Agreement

WTS Tax News - USA - U.S. Withholding Tax Update- W-8BEN-E Form Finalized

Hungary - Newsletter #2.2014

Doing Business in Hungary

WTS Austria: Summary of key elements of the TLAA 2014 already in force

WTS Alliance ranked in „Chambers Global Guide 2014“

India - Corporate Update February 2014

Tax Letter Asia - Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

WTS Comments on the OECD "Discussion Draft on Transfer Pricing Documentation and CbC Reporting"

Hungary - Newsletter #1.2014

India - Corporate Update October-December 2013

WTS Cyprus - Important updates to VAT, Social Security and Dividend tax

WTS Alliance - Non-declaration of income from foreign bank accounts – an overview about consequences and possible remedies by WTS

China: Procedure for VAT exemption for cross-border services

Tax Letter Asia - China, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

International Tax Review names WTS firms in World Transfer Pricing 2014

Ghana: Overview of tax measures in Budget 2014

Cyprus: OECD’s BEPS: Tackling a behemoth or political marketing?

Germany - WTS Wage Tax Infoletter - Work-Related Travel Expenses as of 2014

Global Transfer Pricing Survey

China: WTS Consulting (Shanghai) ranked in Tier 3 of World Tax 2014

More visa types for foreigners in China

Portugal - Proposed Reform of Corporate Income Tax

India - Corporate Update September 2013

WTS Alliance panel discussion on BEPS covered by International Tax Review

China: Increased VAT recovery due to latest regulation update

International Taxation in CEE in cooperation with WTS

India - Corporate Update August 2013

The Netherlands - Budget 2014

Costa Rica: Transfer Pricing regulations approved and published

WTS Australia Business Climate Survey 2013

Doing business in the United States - An overview of Select Legal Issues

WTS India: Transfer Pricing Flash - Safe Harbour Rules

USA - FATCA Online Registration System

China - Simplification of outbound payments

WTS India with new web presence

WTS Asia Tax Symposium 2013 - Practical considerations for your tax risk management

Cyprus Newsletter August 2013

WTS Italy launches new website

India Corporate Update June 2013

Ghana - CITG WTS 2013 Annual Tax Conference

Infoletter Global Expatriate Services #3, 2013

Brazil - on TV: Fernando Zilveti comenta debate sobre divisão dos royalties do petróleo

India Corporate Update May 2013

Cyprus - Tax Updates June 2013

M&A Insights - 2013 Tax Guide to International Stock Acquisitions

Brazil - Income tax on profits earned by affiliated and controlled Brazilian companies established abroad

Global - Highest award for WTS by International Tax Review

Hong Kong expands its exchange of information

China - Next wave of VAT Pilot Program

Australia - New Tax Director joins WTS Australia

Chambers & Partners lists WTS Alliance

India Corporate Update March 2013

Global - Chambers & Partners lists Investment Fund Specialists of WTS

Hungary - Taxbridge 2013 No 2

WTS Tax Brief - Taxation of employee share schemes and employer reporting obligations – April 2013

Cyprus - Update in regards to the banking system

Spain - Obligation to inform about assets located abroad

UK: FTI Consulting publishes budget statements about VAT, Real Estate and Tax Reporting

USA - Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

India - Corporate Update February 2013

Belgium - Newsletter February 2013

Analysis of 2013 Budget Proposals

Cyprus - Recent Tax Updates

Hungary - WTS Newsletter #1 2013

Baltic States and Belarus - Annual Tax Card

India - Corporate Update January 2013

China - China Tax 2012 highlights in retrospect

Philippines - News Analysis: Philippine Transfer Pricing Rules Put Companies on Notice

Taiwan: Michael Werner Appointed GM of WTS Taiwan

Spain - Corporate Tax News January 2013

Mexico - WTS Tax Notes

India - Corporate Update December 2012

Hungary - Budapester Zeitung: HLB Klient now WTS Klient

BDB Law (WTS Alliance Member) - Changing the landscape of income taxation

Hong Kong - Tax Risk Management and Compliance in Asia

Cyprus - Newsletter 12.2012

WTS Hong Kong has launched a new website

UK: FTI Consulting published Autumn statements about TP/VAT, Real Estate and Tax Reporting

Belgium - Newsletter Corporate Tax December 2012

WTS China - New Entry and Exit Administration Law in China

Alfery named in DEALS OF THE YEAR 2012

Ukraine and Cyprus sign new double tax treaty

Cyprus - Newsletter November 2012

India - Corporate Update November 2012

India - Corporate Update September/October 2012

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